Weather Overview

Anyone who has ever visited Ireland knows that this is both a national obsession and a social lubricant. Don’t be surprised if you see Dubliners squinting suspiciously skyward on a regular basis. Nowhere else in the world are so many conversations struck up about how hot/cold it is, the likelihood of rain, whether it will ever stop raining, etc. Our semi-crazed reaction to the slightest glimpse of sunshine - we generally break out the T-shirts, sunglasses and ice creams once it goes above 15°C/60°F - regularly leaves our Continental European neighbours regarding us with expressions ranging from pity to fear.

In general, our summers don’t get very hot (12-24°C/54°-75F) while winters are reasonably mild (2-7°C/35-45°F). However even these general guidelines aren’t set in stone and are subject to change at a moment’s notice. In a given day, it’s not unusual for it to be lashing rain, then blazing sun, then back to rain again. Repeat as necessary. Basically, pack for all eventualities…layers are a must, and a rain-proof, hooded jacket is a very good idea. Whatever you wear, you’ll likely be amazed by how our 'four seasons in one day' can test your preparedness.

Today's weather forecast follows - it's updated hourly. A 5-day forecast is also provided, though remember the Irish Weather Golden Rule: expect the unexpected!