Best Nightlife in Temple Bar

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Dublin team

Dublin is world renowned as one of the global party cities.

In fact, we defy anyone to tell us where there is more fun to be had per square inch than here on the east coast of Ireland. This may be the first you've heard of it, but Dublin has a pub or two worth visiting. Each has its own atmosphere which invites investigation, even if you never touch a drop yourself. And if you have been known to indulge, these boozers are the best anywhere for quenching an evening thirst. Or possibly for a 'straightener' the next day... From trad Irish sessions, to world-class DJs spinning the latest, to local up-and-comers on songwriters' nights, to international acts on major tours - there's music in the air all over town. The club landscape is thriving too, whether you like it eclectic or just plain hectic.