Dublin's Haunted History: Spooky Ghost Tours for Halloween


Explore the eerie side of the city this autumn

1. Dublin's Poltergeist Activity

Delve into the world of poltergeists by visiting locations in Dublin that have a history of objects moving on their own, unexplained noises, and disturbing manifestations.


2. Mysteries of Dublin's Underground

Uncover the secrets of Dublin's underground tunnels, said to be haunted by the restless spirits of past inhabitants and witness to tragic events.


3. Supernatural Stories of Trinity College

Take a ghostly tour of Trinity College, where spectral apparitions and creepy occurrences have been reported, and hear the spine-tingling tales associated with its haunted past.


4. Dublin's Cursed Places

Explore the cursed places of Dublin, such as the St. Michan's Church, infamous for its spooky crypts and mummified bodies with supernatural legends attached to them.


5. Haunted Dublin Bus Tours

Hop on a haunted bus tour of Dublin, where expert guides share spine-chilling tales while driving you through the city's eeriest locations.


6. Chilling Tales on Dublin Bay Ghost Ship

Embark on a haunting boat tour where eerie stories of ghost ships, lost souls, and supernatural happenings on Dublin Bay will send shivers down your spine.


7. Dublin's Most Haunted Hotels

Book a night in one of Dublin's most haunted hotels and experience the thrill of potential encounters with resident ghosts, restless spirits, and unexplained phenomena.


8. Horror Movie Locations

Visit Dublin's iconic locations featured in horror movies, such as haunted houses and eerie landscapes, and feel the spine-chilling atmosphere that inspired these films.